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Enjoy this time that your Child is “GROWING ” Through!

Posted on Jan 8, 2012 in Connection | 3 comments

Enjoy this time that your Child is “GROWING ” Through!

As adults, we understand that children are more alike than different. Their basic needs are the same in having- safety, love, welcomed/belonging, encouragement, boundaries and interaction. They need to know that you will return once out of their sight. They also need to know the process or details in learning a new concept.

Introductions to new learning experiences for parents and children should be fun and enjoyable. Children have no knowledge of societal competitions. They see a new world and work in all that they do. The new worlds and works are experienced many times in play.

Play is essential, play is fun. Children remind us how much fun adventures can be. The showing of the varied emotions- excitement, surprise, anger, frustration; can come in 7 seconds of a fun adventure.

Adults view playing stops at around ages 5 or 6, when children go off to the formal environment of education- school and start to learn and can really begin to do things. Playing IS learning! It is also a bridge that connects the adult to the child on the child’s level. It may also be a stress reliever for the adult.

There are parents who see their infant and toddler as helpless. At Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC/SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC 24-hour learning care services, we see them as stronger little people by the second. We give more to them as well as to the parent. We teach the parents to look ahead some 20 years and more. Here’s an example:

  • a seasoned parent, who had enrolled with us, was asked what did they want their 3 month old child to learn. The parent responded and pointed to their child, “This! what can he learn at this age?”

The teacher talked with that parent, showing all the developmental things done with their child as well as what can be done at home.

We value the children that walk through our doors, as well as the parents. We set about teaching both. For the adults it may be subtle. There have been times when it was “Hold it! Are you seeing what  is before you?” We then ask the parent if they want our assistance or if they desire a specific community liaison to assist them.

We welcome you to our web site and into our doors.


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    recently found this site on the google. where are you located? I love the videos from those parents, especially the dad and you can here the child making noises.

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