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The New Acceptance…

Posted on Mar 26, 2014 in Portfolio | 0 comments

The New Acceptance…

Child care industry has been around since mom’s needed extra help with tending to their children. As the industrial era came about, women needed to be out of the home to assist in having a paycheck or providing the home with a second paycheck. It took society some time to allow women NOT to feel guilty in their choice of letting another or a business entity assist in raising their children.

The new acceptance came, again, from a NEED, 24-hour child care. The availability for a parent or parents to work non-traditional shifts, while having their child[ren] safely tended to by a person or business entity. This 21st century society is starting to readily accept leaving their child during their work time of i.e. 10:30p-7:30a. Yes, we would like for that child to sleep in its’ own bed, reality- parents are working varied shifts.

It truly is the 24-hour child care center’s Director or owner’s position to ease/remove a few anxieties of parent and child[ren] during non-traditional work hours. It’s the parent’s and their children’s position to accept this assistance with some thought and peace within from their selected 24-hour child care provider.

24-hour child care centers are NOT meant to leave your child 24 hour, the whole day. They are NOT meant for the child to be in a center 60+ hours a week [168 hours]. They are NOT meant to be “psuedo-parents” for the children [the child sees more of the child care provider than the parent]. They are not meant as a “toss-n-go” for parents’ party machine.

The 21st Century relies on googling for research/results. 24-hour child care centers are few and far between, whereas 24-hour in-home child care businesses are flourishing. 24-hour child care businesses have a different language than traditional child care. There are more questions to be asked on both sides.

The question: Will there be more 24-hour child care centers nation-wide? YES, yes there will. There will be new written criteria for 24-hour child care businesses in their city, state and federal languages. We hope you are interested in 24-hour child care, contact us for more information.

Here’s to the new acceptance of 24-hour child care centers.