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Talk Concerns & TWL/SNC

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 in Portfolio | 9 comments

Talk Concerns & TWL/SNC

Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC/SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC 24-hour learning care services understands that some parents are not the sole decision maker for their family. You are excited about our 24-hour learning care services, the fact that we “future invest” in you and your child; you want your child to attend. Your mate or partner may have questions, concerns that need to be addressed before YOU make the financial investment into your child. We hope this is a stress free way to communicate with them and to provide positive reasons to be excited as well.

Here goes:   Couple in kitchen with paperwork using laptop looking unhappy

C1. This is our first time putting our child in daycare. We work the 3p-12:00p shift. We have no family here, what are you going to do for us?

TWL/SNC- We understand when parents don’t have the extended family to possibly care for their child during such work hours. During our interview process, we discuss your anxieties and those of your child. It truly is our position to ease/remove a few anxieties of parent and child[ren] during non-traditional work hours. It’s the parent’s and their children’s position to accept this assistance with some thought and peace within from their selection of our 24-hour learning care services.

C2. We’ve seen the positive results of your 24-hour learning care services, the read and saw the testimonials of your parents, we are second and third shift working parents, monies tight. What’s your rate?

TWL/SNC- Monies are tight. 24-hour child care is quite different from traditional daycare. There are factors that comprise our weekly rate that solely work for 24-hour childcare. As we would love to partnership with you regarding your child, first things are first. You should make sure you are comfortably within your monthly budget. You give the go ahead and a partnership between us is created.

C3. What if my child likes his teacher more than me… calling her Mommy or Daddy?

TWL/SNC- Your child is adding a new dimension to his being by being in a “care-communication” 24-hour learning care services environment. Your child is comfortable. That would be one of our  successes of our partnership. Your son’s teacher will take it as a compliment that your child found familiarity. Remember, he gladly goes home with you every time!

C4. We’ve been to other daycares, how are you different?

TWL/SNC- 24-hour childcare is quite different from the traditional daycare and should not be compared. Please view our web site, www.twlsnc24hr.com or www.twl24.com thoroughly to get a brief understanding of our 24-hour learning care services. Let’s discuss the others in our interview process.

Should there be other concerns not posted, send them to teaguer@twl24.com Eagerly and earnestly we provide you with the answers regarding our better practices, even when we are not your choice.




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  1. Kemi

    You have some concerns that was bothering me. My baby, I don’t want her calling another woman my name Mommy. Your putting
    understanding on my baby is comfortable and found familiarity was something I hadn’t thought about. That is a VERY POWERFUL thing to me. I’m learning.

  2. Karen

    POWERFUL! Imagine how we looked at your website rereading the posts.

  3. Jenny

    VERY POWERFUL! Putting this in a child care website, different. I like it!
    Hey, checked out your links, you are different.

  4. Derrick

    My wife sent me to this site for the concerns blog. OK, good call!

  5. Glenn

    My cousin needs your childcare in VA. Gonna send her this web site.

  6. Eddy

    Dads DO have to look at the money. How much are we going to spend!

  7. Marcus

    i like you talking about dads- having a reason for us being and not a accessory(like a watch) of the family.

  8. Joanne

    What caught my eye about this post was the financial investment into your child.
    I never thought of childcare as an investment into my child…it IS!!

  9. Dracco

    I read this post fully, it’s amazing article.

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