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Parents Words

We ARE the better alternative, 24/7 childcare!

We are not for every parent and their children. Our Parents say we attract: “Knowledgeable, mature, caring parents who want their children to learn and want to participate in their child’s growth mentally and educationally.”

Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC/ SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC 24/7 learning care services foundations are safety and health of the children in our care. TWLSNC is committed to providing parents with the better practices of the learning center and the understanding of today’s parental needs in having access to 24/7 childcare services. We approach every parent with a partnership of care toward becoming strong, viable and active participants in their child’s educational life beyond elementary school- the cute years. We advance the family.

Our teaching techniques provide TWLSNC children with confidence and “owned”  knowledge. One of our parents, in having her child assessed for kindergarten in her area, told of the shocking engagement. The parent stated after her child did great with the assessment, the school representative told her, We don’t want the children too advanced.”

Part of our 24/7 learning care services is the “SPECIALTY” component- providing necessary childcare for the busy schedules of today’s parents. Examples:  “ME TIME”-a Jazzy Grandmother keeps actively fit, “Honey, We need a DATE NIGHT!”- couple spending weekend time together, Dads- assisting a dad in strengthening his role

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I‘m constantly amazed at what you do!! LOVE IT! –Larry

Thank you! I was excited to see Juliet reading –Jackie

Introduction to the compass. This was a tricky lesson… –Robin

An explanatory lesson see video. G’ma is proudly laughing. –Tammy

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Interested Parents [one of many in the 47 states & 9 countries] called or e-mailed us:

Hi there, I am wanting to go back to work and would need from 1pm-9pm and need child care for my 2 year son. –Layandra in Deloraine, Canada

Need evening daycare ASAP. –Sharan in Brampton, Ontario

Please inform of charges for day & night stay for my son, waiting on your call urgently. –Asha in Mumbai

Looking for somewhere safe for my son. –Brian in Trinidad

Good day, I would like to enroll my son to your 24hr centre. –Xavier in Pretoria, South Africa

Good morning by the way thank you for explaining these kinds of information to me I gladly appreciate it. And I’m interested and wondering your prices that’s all important, But the most important is when you program moving to FL. –Sabrina in Tampa, FL

Good afternoon, I am searching for part time child care…Aw that’s too bad we need you here. Thank you again. –Dakota in San Diego, CA

I have a 2 year old daughter and I’m very interested in finding out more about your program. –Ajee in Detroit, Michigan

I will need child care from 1-9 or overnights 11p-9a. –Veronica in Springfield, MA

Good afternoon, I have a 2 year old son that will be turning 3 in October. We are new to the Raleigh area and are in need of a reliable center to care for him. –Fabienne in Raleigh, NC

Hi, I’m looking for childcare services that’s more than just daycare. Your childcare site interests me. Please contact me. –Charielle in Phoenix, AZ

I am a father of 4 children. Ages 5,7,9, 13. I presently work a graveyard shift from 1030pm till 6am. I’m hoping you have openings for 2 or 3 of my children during these hours. I really appreciate what you have to offer. –Tim in Seattle, WA

My name is April, I have a 4 month old baby girl. I’m currently seeking 24 hour childcare services and I saw your childcare profile on HRCC. If we could schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience. –April in Virginia Beach, VA

I work from 12a to 8a and need overnight daycare…Someone that’s going to protect my baby like he’s their own son. –Nasha from Wilmington, DE

I have a 4 yr old son, I have switched to a higher paying job but the hours are a little more extended and on Saturdays. –Dominique in Witchita, KS

Hi I really love your website. I have three children and I work the 2nd shift and need to find childcare that works with me. –Elizabeth in Minneapolis, MN

Hi from Indiana, I googled you, saw your links and what you are doing would be great for my grandson. Please come here. I’m really sad your type of childcare isn’t here with us.” –Gerry from Indianapolis, IN

Hi, I’m in NY and I just new it was too good to be true that you guys would be closer to me in distance. I work FT and go to school to finish my degree. My biggest issue is childcare for my 3 year old, especially every other weekend. I need so badly to finish school & its looking impossible. My nearest family is about 12 hours away.  I write you as I have to vent, I need you guys. –D. in Brooklyn, NY

Unfortunately you guys are not in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania what a bummer I hope to get a daycare that stands up to your qualification in my city for my child. I am a hard working single parent that need daycare early morning hours. Right now the daycare we have are full, therefore I’m going to have to risk plenty hours on my job. Can’t you guys please relocate to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? We are really, really in need of a child care service like the pre-video I watched in research of this site.  –Sharina in Philadelphia, PA

I live near Houston, TX. Parents here will pay for quality and how you educate their children. I talked with Ms. Rhonda, who gave me her background- she knows a lot on various areas. We need your type of 24 hour child care, move here. –Wael in Houston, TX

Wrote on TWLSNC Facebook page- I like this one but I don’t know how to look up they reviews and if you look on the website read what they said about the four year old the was trying to get in preschool I think and they told the parent “they don’t want them too advanced” lol if they can continue [child’s name] on the same train she will be here.  E-mail- Yes, I noticed your location…. I am extremely disappointed in myself for not noticing that first before I start really liking your Daycare. If you ever come towards my area Covington, GA please let me know or I’ll just keep checking in on your site. –Lynae in Covington, GA



For two years you were a part of our lives, how do you not care for someone in that amount of time? You taught me so much. I loved the many stories you told. You wouldn’t believe that Nevaeh says your name quite often. Her favorite line is “I call Rhonda.” while holding the phone to her ear. You will be missed. Forever in our hearts. Neveah and Deandra

We cannot thank you enough for being there in our time of need! We cannot express our full thanks, but hopefully these words are a start. You have made a tremendous impact in our lives and our daughter’s life in this short time knowing you. The joy of seeing our daughter happy to be left in your care and happy to see you guys each day made it a little easier leaving her. Aria adores each and every one of you and our family is ever so appreciative of your generosity and love and care. It will be hard to know that we may never get the pleasure of Aria growing up in your care, but it’s easier knowing what you have given us the foundation on which we will continue to build upon. We wish you much success and HAPPINESS on your new path. -Givens family

Rhonda Teague is a strong, well educated woman. After my two hour interview with her not only opened my eyes to what kind of future my child could have, but also what kind of parent I choose to be. Her words and advice was very inspiring, and as a young individual I instantly knew what I as a single parent needed to do from that day forward. The registration packet is very thorough and precise. It’s fair and to the point. If gives you the opportunity to visualize who you are as a parent and also your child. It gives you an opportunity to brighten your child’s future. Since my child’s attendance at TWLSNC, she has become very advanced at a shocking age. She’s very intelligent and well-mannered. Her speech still continue to gradually grow. TWLSNC is a place I will seek to find and enroll my second child. There is nothing I seek to change about TWLSNC. You guys are truly amazing. -Nija [Come to Dallas]

The interview process gave me time to really have a conversation with Ms. Rhonda, along with my granddaughter present. I was impressed by that. Ms. Rhonda asked me for some goals for my granddaughter: 1. Build confidence 2. build vocabulary 3. age-appropriate academics 4. an appreciation for nature 5. appropriate social and table manners 6. understand healthy eating and exercise and more. Now, over two and a half years later those goals were wonderfully met my and granddaughter had her “Forward Day” at TWLSNC. She’s going to Kindergarten! I learned some new parenting skills from Ms. Rhonda, she was so easy to talk to and ask questions. She made sure it was a partnership for my granddaughter and me. I couldn’t have done it without her. Miss Gerone was a great teacher especially on the Science Experiment Fridays and the videos of different activities. Thank you guys from all my heart. Love you! Dorothy

My husband and I are beyond impressed with the time our children could spend with the staff at TWLSNC. Our girls started at the center at ages 2 and 6 weeks. We both worked unconventional hours with unpredictable schedules and our center at the time could not meet our needs. After our interview at TWLSNC, we  knew we had found the right place.  Ms. Rhonda is truly amazing- a professional, well organized, loving and has a great personality. The center provides an outstanding learning environment for all ages and learning levels. Our 2 year old is a bit of a firecracker and Ms. Rhonda gave her guidance and structure and involved us as parents, so that we could create a similar environment at home as well.  Having an infant in child care is really nerve wrecking, but the frequent updates, pictures, and videos while we were away, set us at ease. TWLSNC sets the standards of how child care centers should operate. They loved our children! If we didn’t have to relocate for business, we would still be there. We are truly looking forward to the day she expands her business and crossing our fingers it is in our area of Washington. We started off as clients and left feeling like family! -Tatum & Niyah [bring to Washington]

I can’s say enough positive things about our experience at TWLSNC. Working an unusual schedule, as a single parent, is a stress all its own, but since we’ve been here, I know when I drop my son off that he is being well cared for. The level of thought into everything really continues to blow me away- activities, educational time, meals etc. have been designed to foster their imagination and help them mature into well mannered, independent thinkers. –Emily

Sometimes is very hard to find the right person to take care of your child, specially if you work as crazy hours as we do. Everything changed when we found Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC. At first we were not sure about it but when we met Ms. Rhonda and saw what her capabilities she had we were overcome with joy! The time and effort around education and dedication she has is unsurpassed! She teaches the children with outside the box methods that will certainly have your child ready for the next steps and help them have a bright future. We trust her with our child and I can see my daughter’s magnificent progress  she made since she started going to TWLSNC. Thanks Ms. Rhonda you and TWLSNC are so great! We love you! You have been a godsend in our life. I knew that from the first time I met you. I told my wife without hesitation we were going with you and TWLSNC! We truly recommend Ms. Rhonda and the center but what I can promise more is that you will not be disappointed. – Jason & Jackie

TWLSNC has allowed my children to thrive in a way that no other child care facility would be able. At age 4, my daughter is reading and writing in a more than prepared way. I have no doubt that she will be prepared for Kindergarten when the time comes. She has been here for 3 years, my 20 month old son  has just been transitioned to the older children’s room and I know he will learn great things especially since he has been cared for by TWLSNC since he was 10 weeks old. I am proud to have TWLSNC in our lives and our hearts. – Robin UPDATE: We have moved, my children have had so many experiences at TWLSNC (Ms. Rhonda says they are more than meets the eye. This is so true!). They enthusiastically helped me raise my children. Ms. Rhonda & I hugged tearfully in our goodbye. They are welcomed with our family. “You taught me HOW to communicate with teachers so they understand I am active in my children’s educational life.” “The things you taught me is important in my age group (30s) and younger, we are not taught these things.” “You taught my children how to become part of the community.”[Come to Georgia to open a 24-hour school]

5 STARS- the best day care where you can trust care of your child. TWLSNC is awesome! Their hard work and love transforms our kids each year and makes them bigger, better and smarter. Thanks for a great job and dedication to our children. – Denis & Tatiana

Since my son has been going to TWLSNC, he has grown tremendously. I can remember M. Teague asking me what my goals were for my son, after careful thought I  wrote the goals down and returned the information to her. Within weeks I saw my wishes for my son was coming to life. He was standing on his own trying to walk. I was impressed by the results. If you want a babysitter I suggest you try care dot com, but if you want a reliable, safe, thorough and kind environment for your child, please by all means take them to TWLSNC. TWLSNC is my son’s home away from home and to know that he’s with people that will treat him like their own is a huge relief to a busy working class parent. Thanks TWLSNC for all that you do for my son and myself. – Domonique

Truly amazing… My experience with Talk, Walk & Learn Center has been truly amazing. I was skeptical at first being that my daughter was only 8 weeks old, but after my interview with Ms. Rhonda I felt an instant relief. She was very welcoming and serious about the health, safety and well-being of the kids. In TWL’s care, I received texts messages indicating when every diaper was changed, when she was asleep, her feedings and information about all her doings. That was very comforting for a mother with a newborn infant. I can go on all day about the wonderful experience Talk, Walk & Learn Center has given me [I had military drill for six days]. I am very thankful and I will be using Talk, Walk & Learn Center services every weekend I have military drill. [Thank you so much, we’re moving to Virginia, move here.]Talluhah

We found you in one day (a first-time grandmother in tow) & got an interview for my 16 month old grandbaby on that evening. That was 2 years ago. You and your staff have taught my granddaughter so much, now wants to play chess at 3 years and has not only started reading but putting sentences together with the correct punctuation. I have a new grandbaby in your care. I hope he gets the same and more from your type of teachings. I have felt relaxed and grateful to you and your type of child care business. I am so thankful for that day 2 years ago. UPDATE: I absolutely LOVE the things my grandkids learn at school. They are 4 and 21 months, but they LEARN every day. They are not being babysat. They are being taught. They are fed HEALTHY homemade food (not chicken nuggets and French fries). They are taught to be respectful, polite, and accountable. I can HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend taking your children here. –Tammy a.k.a. G-Ma UPDATE from FACEBOOK: I would like to send out a HUGE heartfelt thanks to Rhonda Teague. She has cared for my granddaughter since she was a little more than a year old and my grandson since he was born. With her they had far more teaching, support, and love than any daycare could possibly provide. They have learned manners, following rules, meeting expectations, etiquette, respect, patience, sharing, and kindness. They have learned humility when they have been “brilliant” as well as when they have received constructive criticism. They have learned to look a person in the eyes when they have to apologize and to be sincere about it. They have learned how to read and write and explore and experiment and think outside of the box. They have learned that in order to learn you have to think and not just regurgitate information. They have tasted new things but have never just been served what was easy or convenient to prepare. Finding this better than any daycare education center was the best thing that could have ever happened for my grandkids. Rhonda, I want you to know that Talk Walk & Learn Center has built the solid foundation to which Aja and Myles’ futures as scholars and people will grow from, and they will be brighter than we can possibly begin to imagine. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all that you have done. Losing you is the ONLY bad part about them coming home to Georgia (bring your childcare here to Georgia). I am forever in your debt.  P.S. You must promise to be here when they graduate in 2030 and 2033.  GREAT GRANDMA: Words escape me, but Tammy said it all. You are the best and more !! Thank you!

Blessing; We were with you for a short time before our move; I want you to know you’re a blessing to families and children fortunate enough to be in your care. I wasn’t comfortable with the childcare centers I’d visited, but when my sister and I [along with my little love] had the interview with you, I was calm. My sister said she wished she had teachers like you as a child. [come to Wisconsin]Jessica

Great school with excellent instruction, loving and understanding instruction, small classroom environment, and manners and self-esteem building, my two grand babies are so lucky to be students here!! Ms. Rhonda is so intuitive in her teaching as she works with the latest and successful techniques for growing the Minds of her students.  Rhonda a.k.a. Grammy UPDATE: You are welcomed with us. Thank you for all you’ve done for my grand babies- Aja & Myles! [You should bring your school to Georgia!]

Ms. Teague is by far one of the best child care providers in the state. My son has blossomed in such a short time span. Ms. Teague has her own way of communicating with the children that helps their personalities flourish! I do not feel as if I am placing my child in a child care facility, where every child is a number or dollar signs. It is more of a precursor to the schooling systems. She has demonstrated how she merges her style of teaching with modern day skills needed to blend and adapt to everyday society. I highly recommend Talk, Walk & Learn Center to anyone who is in need of REAL child care services. UPDATE: My goals for my child for the 1st year were surpassed. In his 2nd year goals, I want to see this continuous upward path. You’ve taught my 2 year old to recognize 3 states on 2 different maps in 1 day and 3 weeks later he can still show on maps. What a pleasant shock. You are working his hand muscles in unique ways that we can do at home with the proper tools. UPDATE 2:  It is now 30 states on 3 different maps, knows punctuation marks and math signs, reads 150 words or more, 19 geometrical shapes, critical thinking and reasoning, learning Spanish such as [the plane is flying], can place numbers correctly 0-100 when called out example 59, some writing  and much more. He’s 3 years old now.
This is his final year, he’s reading books on 1st & 2nd grade levels and higher, adding out loud to 100 [87+1= ] and write the answer to the math sentence, his comprehension & correct usage is amazing. He’s learned how to plot his location & go from there. Ms. Teague talks about future investing, she’s done that in our son and in other children that have come to her businesses. We’ve been with Talk, Walk & Learn Center since our son was 11 months old. He’s 4 years old now. UPDATE: He’s in school & doing VERY WELL, thanks to your preparation!!!  Quincy & Candace

When choosing a daycare and learning environment for my daughter, I began researching  different centers. With all kinds of information provided left me feeling overwhelmed and unable to make a proper decision. But when I interviewed Ms. Rhonda Teague, she made me feel at ease and confident in knowing that she wants nothing but the best for those that are in her care. My daughter has gone from saying a few words to making properly pronounced sentences. She enjoys being amongst other children in a learning environment that focuses on creative ways of learning, rather than traditional teaching. She is now potty trained. She pays attention to her surroundings and repeats everything she has learned each day at home. Ms. Rhonda has truly been a blessing in my life and her patience and quality teaching is greatly appreciated. UPDATE: She’s in formal school. Her first day she walked up to her teacher and proudly stated, “I’m Great!” What she learned at Talk, Walk & Learn Center at 2- 4 years of age, her classroom is just now learning. My daughter is helping the teacher instruct the students in her class. She’s not being challenged. Her writing has gotten better. –Sonya

I have the extreme pleasure of recommending this center. My child has been coming here since age 10 months, she’s 2 years old now. Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC has excellent command over subjects, being organized, always striving to help each child to reach their maximum potential. Outstanding professionalism, knowledge, dedication to details. teaching and caring aided in the growth of my child. They are thorough, patient, easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and responds to any question.  She’s able to take thin strong magnets and make the capital letter ‘R’. My daughter shocked everyone with that one. UPDATE: I had to move her to another center for financial reasons. My daughter was getting into trouble. My almost 3-year-old was found in the bathroom washing her hair. I called Ms. Rhonda, told her what happened. Ms. Rhonda encouraged me to find out what they were teaching her. I did that, my daughter was moved to a higher age group based on her educational abilities. The troubles went away. Though we are not with Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC, Ms. Rhonda made me still feel apart of it as she wants the better for the children that are and were in her care, parents too.  –Mattie

My son has been with you since 3 mos., now over 2 yrs old; though he’s not with you any more, I want to thank you for all you’ve done for him. I and my parents can see how he has grown while with you, he is a little person with confidence, getting an understanding of his neighborhood above all we are understanding him. We are so appreciative of your work and please don’t change it cause it works. I thank you for working with me as well after the divorce. I have a stronger understanding of my role in his life. UPDATE: I called to tell you how impressed my son’s teachers were with his knowledge base. They were amazed at how he is ahead of his class. We, as parents, take the credit but it was your hard work and dedication to him. They wanted to know where he attended before coming to them? I didn’t hesitate in telling them Talk, Walk & Learn Center. Thank you, thank you so much. –Darrell, Sr.

I highly recommend this “unique” service to those seeking safe, professional, caring and trustworthy childcare (not daycare). I am so thankful & grateful to have found them as they met all my needs. I met and talked with Ms. Rhonda for hours. She answered my questions and led me to other questions I should ask. I was impressed. My son started, then age 4, in Oct. He has learned to speak Proper English, some Spanish, some reading, some simple sentences, 18 geometrical shapes, colors other than primary, the community, geography of the USA, the world and the list goes on. He’s now going to Kindergarten. Ms Rhonda has helped and given me so much parenting advice. She’s the Best! UPDATE: I used SHIFTS Night Care Ctr. for night care, because of my job when I lived in the area, I’ve set goals in getting my son prepared for 1st grade, Ms. Rhonda works with him in strengthening reading, creating art projects- She does not interpret their work. She says “they are the artists, they will tell what they make and not make adjustments to please you, taking their creative thoughts.” He is given time for respite from school as well. She loaned him reading books that are 1st and 2nd grade levels. Amber [Alabama needs your type of 24-hour childcare]

This is truly an awesome learning center! My son had attended for over 3.5 yr and in the first 3 days,at age of 1, he was able to identify & say his numbers, alphabet (not the song) and geometric shapes!!! I was amazed, because I had not been very successful!!! In the beginning I had to utilize the SHIFTS Services for 3 days and my son adjusted and did just fine! TWL’s techniques and curriculum is definitely ahead of the curve! I recommend TWL/SNC services/center to any parent that desire more than the typical “Day Care Center” routine and curriculum. –Tutti UPDATE: He’s in formal education now, just graduated Kindergarten- YAY!. He comes by to check on Ms. Rhonda. UPDATE 2: He’s in the 2nd grade w/3rd grade reading level. You gave him the brilliant foundation but you will say partnership with parents.

Talk, Walk & Learn Center has been a God sent. My daughter has been with Ms. Rhonda since 2 mos., she’s 2 1/2 now. Our daughter continues to grow and develop as a toddler. She knows/identifies her colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet. She is taught critical thinking skills and other ways to ask questions. She continues to develop ways to make learning fun and inviting. Since we are not from the area, we enjoy having accessibility to the 24 hr child care. She also incorporates organic foods into their developing diets. She eliminated the abundant amounts of sugars and preservatives. She looks at their developing minds and need for concentration. If you need a date night, mommy day or just someone to truly care for your child on a regular basis… look no more. UPDATE: Our daughter learned how to take a spelling test using little ditties created by Ms. Rhonda, had hands on science experiments.  Our last baby daughter attended here before we moved. “Rhonda, we have not found any other center like yours, we do a lot of comparing to yours.” {Kim, Joe and their children have the distinction of being our First Family}-Kim [bring to Tennessee]

We have been so bless to have found Ms. Rhonda!!! Our son started Talk, Walk & Learn Center at age of 8 wks. Shortly after he started with Ms. Rhonda, he was sitting up by himself. He has gone through “Baby Boot Camp” (an advanced tummy time) which I love!! He advanced in his development. I would not trade Ms. Rhonda for nothing. She gives excellent service to the parents as well and welcomes all questions you may have concerning your child’s stay. I can go on and on about the many learning and developmental activities she provides, but I’d be here all day. We love you Ms. Rhonda and continue to do what you do best!!!!!  –Tenyta [North Carolina would love your childcare]

There is something to be said for living close to your family members, my husband and I both work in retail and on December 16th our wonderful son made his debut. Those 6 weeks flew by and we considered ourselves to be prepared. WELL, NO WE WERE NOT!!! our childcare provider was unreliable to say the least, would call in sick at last minute before I would take my son to drop off. Imagine this, 30 minutes before work and no child care, “sorry something came up” and no family to call. then we found TALK, WALK & LEARN CENTER, LLC and received dependability and the commitment we needed was always there. ms. rhonda provides excellent care for our baby and peace of mind for us. When I drop him off it’s almost like taking him to our moms for the day. we love ms. rhonda and… it feels like we have family here now. Candy

I trust the care of my child with Ms. Teague. She is flexible with hours of care day, night and weekend.We had two business trips lasting a week each, Ms. Teague had no problem in caring for my child. UPDATE: I want to thank you for helping to raise our children and teaching them. I appreciate you for that. We live in the Michigan now, we have not found any childcare facility comparable to yours. You never know what you have until it’s gone. Your business will do well in our area. UPDATE 2: Our oldest, now 7 yrs, said we should send her and her sister back to Ms. Teague because they would learn double of what they know now. –Joe