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Parenting Styles


**What is your defining style of parenting?**

There are three types of parents? Brick wall, Jellyfish, Backbone [Barbara Coloroso]  What does each mean? Which are you?

“A Toast to Family Memories” Our program encourages families to create their own family outing memories. Parents, do you want your child to recall you planning (and including their input) the outings or their school?

Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC/SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC works in partnerships with our parents.


Partnership has common characteristics in childcare:
* mutual respect
* trust
* sensitivity to others perspective
* continual, open, two-way communication
* common clear and agreed upon goals
* teamwork absent of rivalry or competition
* equality fairly equal distribution of power
* Recognition and value of unique contribution and strengths of partner
* Shared decision making
How Does It Feel? Child Care from Families’ Perspectives by Anne Stonehouse, Exchange Press, Inc., 2008