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  • 1. Only the expectant mother’s feelings are important.
  • 2. Newborns don’t really need their fathers.
  • 3. Men don’t know how to care for young children.
  • 4. Men who focus on their children can’t make it in the work world.
  • 5. You are destined to be just like your own father.


  • 1. Take time to reflect becoming (being) a father is affecting you.
  • 2. Hold, rock, and talk to your newborn right from birth.
  • 3. Learn how to change, naps, give baths, feed and be a part of daily life.
  • 4. Consider what career compromises you are willing to make that gives time to your child.
  • 5. Take what you like about your father (other influential men) to create your own “dad identity”.

10 Reasons WHY you matter:

  • 1. You, too, can tuck in, teach how to ride a bike, assist with dating.
  • 2. Your genes assist in making that puzzle- YOUR CHILD!
  • 3. Your partner needs you in child rearing, as a sounding board, as head of the household!
  • 4. You’ll help raise brainy, socially oriented children.
  • 5. Father-child closeness is a crucial in mental health stability awareness. You are their Guide.
  • 6. Successful adults, particularly women, tend to have fathers that respect(d) and encourage(d) them.
  • 7. Do well as a father, when it’s your child’s time they will do well as a parent.
  • 8. Father’s positive presence assists children from serving jail time.
  • 9. Father’s positive involvement in a daughter’s life helps her to be happier later. You are the blue print she uses in a committed relationship.
  • 10. Father’s presence helps their child’s self- esteem elevate, friendliness shown, and having trust of others.

Suggested readings:

The Shirt off His Back, Parry “EbonySatin” Brown; One World Mass Market Edition, 2006

Becoming Dad Black Men and the Journey to Fatherhood, Leonard Pitts, Jr.; Longstreet Inc., 1999

FATHERHOOD, Bill Cosby; Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1986

Growing into a Dad IS a state of mind that you, the man, have committed to work on & through daily.

We want our Dads successful as parents. Talk with us concerning more Fatherhood information.