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FAILURE by our eyes/behavior

Posted on Dec 4, 2022 in Connection | 0 comments

FAILURE by our eyes/behavior

We understand that failure is discovered by our eyes and acted upon by our behavior.

There are many people who don’t or refuse to handle FAILURE, the OMISSION/LACKING.¬†

TWLSNC administration teaches/communicates fail forward, first to its staff, then parents. We are actively teaching the children how to fail forward with less stress. The children know they can be 2 things with TWLSNC, ask them sometimes.

  1. Understand that NO is not going to flatten you and that thing may not be the better for you at that time
  2. Tight lips or not asking is a hard lonely action; “I’m not familiar” or “I don’t know” helps to open the mouths/minds that can get information
  3. “Who do you trust?”; Enhanced learning comes with some salty understandings of behaviors
  4. Teach the children/parents through communication, how to learn of a person’s character in a specific way
  5. Staying put is another hard lonely action, growth comes with stretch marks and some scars. “Look at all that skin you have to grow in” Rhonda Teague
  6. External learning will bring heightened sensitivity; learn to plant into your intuition for serenity 
  7. Unnecessary “faulting others first” stagnation, What did you learn?!