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Coming with the mentality of…?

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 in Portfolio | 4 comments

Coming with the mentality of…?

At her child’s play group date, a first time parent ranted about the closing of her daycare during the Christmas/New Year holidays AND that she would have to PAY. She couldn’t fathom why she should pay for services not used. The daycare didn’t give her enough time, maybe a week and a half. She then added she didn’t like the way they managed her child anyway.  She was going to show that daycare by taking her child to another daycare.

After her rant, the other seasoned parents informed her that it was the norm in other daycare centers to close during the holidays, that they needed breaks and that they have bills and employee paychecks that continue. One parent asked her, “Do you only pay for the utilities you use WHEN at home?” “The utility companies have bills and employees paychecks that continue.” Another parent asked, “Didn’t you read about the closing in your daycare’s materials- contract, handbook, newsletter; or even talk to other parents in your daycare and their experiences?” The parent stumbled over her words which ended in a blurted, “I don’t have time for everything.” It was clear to the seasoned parents that this parent didn’t engage in her daycare nor their environment to know what goes on. The ranting parent was now deflated.

Parents, when doing BUSINESS with a childcare, don’t come with mentalities of:

  • BABYSITTER, that’s NOT what many childcare business are.
  • Asking for hook-ups (tabs, freebies or discounts)! The childcare center has SET its fees as need to be a business.
  • Using price to decide whether to use a childcare business’s services. Use QUALITY!!!
  • Committing consumer fraud- trying to demean the center as YOU are a Passer (slight smile/grin when entering or leaving center & nothing else)! You wanted to belong in the QUALITY but don’t know how to communicate in QUALITY. Other parents can teach you- peer mediation.
  • Loitering on the premises to demean the center. **HINT** YOU are the PASSER (slight smile/grin when entering or leaving center & nothing else) & others know it by your language & other tell-tale signs!
  • Acting unruly as a way to show-off/bully in front of other parents/children/staff. Are you trying to teach others the way NOT to be/go?
  • Disrespectfully communicate what you don’t like.  Constructive criticism is used to rebuild. Are you involved in the center environment instead of being a PASSER (slight smile/grin when entering or leaving center & nothing else)? Learn how to say in a positive constructive way the things you like and don’t like, that’s reception!
  • Being on your worst behavior as if you were among bullies. Having better, positive behavior, act as if wealthy people were bringing their children to the center. You never know who are the wealthy people.
  • Stop saying, “This is why I don’t…” anytime you are displeased with something. **HINT** Strongly suggest you are a PASSER (slight smile/grin when entering or leaving center & nothing else)! Learn how to get involved in the center’s environment!!!!


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  1. Dennis

    We have seen your work. How do you get into the children and understand them so well? Our child has flourished with your center. My wife and I have flourished with your center. Thank you

  2. Minder

    I understand you talk about price vs. quality and I understand financially things are getting better. Better isn’t at my house yet. I would like my son to be under your center care.

  3. Pantari

    Whew!!! This post said a mouth full!
    I have been guilty of the Babysitter mentality with childcare.
    I’m sharing this one!!

  4. February Dad All Day Long

    Hey I had to say something on this topic. You put it there- business. If it were a man running it, babysitter wouldn’t fall out their mouth. Do it right, Ms. Rhonda!

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