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About Us

WE are the better alternative, 24/7 childcare!

Conceptualized and continued development from 2006- present. January 20, 2007 Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC/SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC 24/7 learning care services breathed and began its partnership with parents and their children. The creative binding agent of this unique 24/7 childcare business is Ms. Rhonda Teague, Founder.

Ms. Rhonda Teague said and learned to do this after the birth of her 1st child: “I got 18 more years…” That’s right, at that moment she had a futuristic goal. She accepted information from experts like her Mom and many others that helped her learn/understand and enjoy her journey as a parent!

Parents, Ms. Teague understands what it is like to have a child and no family in the area for support. She may have stepped briefly on the path you may be on now. She knows parenting changes along with the child. When you have someone to bounce parenting ideas, questions, suggestions- oh what a relief it is and you realize failure helps us grow. Stress is lessened.

Realize parenting can be fun is a frame of mind that Ms. Teague’s late Mom, Mrs. Gerone Lightfoot Teague, taught her  as a child, to actually participate/see the fun/laughter of child-rearing. Mrs. Gerone Lightfoot Teague was the parent in the neighborhood that the children, when playing a field game, would say “Hey! Go get your mom, she’ll play.” She used to repeatedly say, “Children keep you young.” A very truthful statement. There are things incorporated into TWLSNC that honor Mrs. Gerone Lightfoot Teague.

Ms. Teague, through her, invested 90,000+  man-hours and previous background, created her unique 24/7 childcare business [TWLSNC], to do a certain thing- “We advance the family.” Recently, as our teaching techniques provide our children with confidence and “owned”  knowledge, an issue came up that weighed heavily on Ms. Teague’s heart. One of TWLSNC’s parents had their 4-year-old assessed for kindergarten in her area. The child did great, was confident in her “owned” knowledge-“I know this/that”.  After the assessment the school representative told the parent, “We don’t want the children too advanced.”

As TWLSNC expands, Ms. Teague continues enjoying life essences like the seasons changing, her beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., continuing her works with families and children and other business interests.

TWLSNC 24/7 childcare, is THE better alternative!

“be present-now; a friend with time”

Rhonda Teague, Founder

On the horizon:

Learning & Development Childcare Association,  LLC

A solution based organization for children and their families in the needed areas of: early childhood education safety and rare diseases.

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Partnering with parents in their learning, nurturing and development.