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Teaching Arts & Humanities Introduce the children to textures, various tools for creating arts, stories of, real instruments, the feeling of art, where they can see art and more… 

Introduce Community Give the children an understanding of neighborhoods, communities and how they can/will be involved in them and more…

 Art Work This is a drawing by a 3 year old on “How to Give Directions”. He showed how to get from his house to TWLSNC. He gave much detail- stop signs, parking lots, highway, and stores. A very observant child.

   Environment’s Importance We had two birds build their nest on our wreath. 5 eggs were laid, hatched and flew away along with their parents. Another entrance was used. Guess what?! Repeat! Repeat! Those birds really liked us!!

 Emotions: what they look like The children are exposed to the various looks of emotions (this picture is of TERRIFIED). As they learn the English language, they will learn more of how to express their emotions.

  Drawing and Coloring Children take these two seriously and because of that we don’t want their creative sides crushed. We offer only blank pages and don’t draw as an adult. (this is Ms. Rhonda’s drawing of her momma and her daddy-respectively)

website 028 Shapes, Dimensions & Textures We teach the shapes but also give dimension and texture to those shapes for the sensory comprehension of the children. (here are two cubes and two spheres or circles in two different textures and dimensions)