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About Us

Recently, as our teaching techniques provide our children with confidence and “owned”  knowledge, an issue came up that weighs heavily on Ms. Teague’s heart. One of her parents had their 4 year old assessed for kindergarten in her area. The child did great, was confident in her “owned” knowledge [“I know this/that”]. Afterward, the school representative told the parent, “We don’t want the children too advanced.”

Conceptualized and researched in 2005-2006, January 20, 2007 Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC/SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC 24/7 learning care services breathed and began its development. The binding agent of this unique 24/7 childcare business is its investments toward the future.

Ms. Rhonda Teague said and learned to do this after the birth of her 1st child: “I got 18 more years…” That’s right in that moment she started setting goals, plans and look into the future 20- 40 years! She wants to assist the future now! How is Ms. Teague achieving this presently?   GREEN THUMBING: Ms. Teague wants to assist parents and children in setting a strong educational, social and mental foundation that can span 40 years

Rhonda Teague

Rhonda Teague

SEEDING/TENDING:   First, she understood what it was like to have a child and no family in the area for support. She took her 1st born everywhere that was proper.  Ms. Teague then tapped into her employable skills and training in the areas of education: 0-12 years, face to face parents and children communications, family courts/social services, community service partnerships and other positive areas [member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.] to create several components within her unique 24/7 childcare business that can assist today’s parents in their childcare selection and parenting needs. Ms. Teague has invested 53,000+ hours in her unique 24/7 childcare business.

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