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24 hours, 7 days weekly, 351 days a year


Got a ‘WHY?’ child, we got the ‘WHY ANSWERS’!   Varied curriculum- High Reach, High Learning, Kumon AND much more…

Ages: 1 yr– 5 yrs;  5 yrs- 11 yrs (after school)       Open: 24 hours-daily, 7 days-weekly (Sun-Sat) and 351 days a year!

  • Full-time (up to a 9- hour day)
  • Part-time (three 9-hour days)
  • Nights (pickup after 5:30pm)/Weekends
  • Specialty programs
  • Non-traditional work hours (example: 1p-9p or 1a-9a)
  • 12-hour work day


Set up an interview: 6p.m.  Monday-Friday; weekends are negotiable.

We are not for every parent and their children. Our Parents say we attract: “Knowledgeable, mature, caring parents who want their children to learn and want to participate in their child’s growth mentally and educationally.”

Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC
“We’re teaching tomorrow’s new adults.”

SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC
“We’re here for you, all night through & weekends too!”

WE are THE 24/7 learning care services solution!